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     There is a very active running community in the Indiana, Pennsyvania area.  There are five races conducted by Indiana Road Runners Club on the 2024 schedule.   All of these events are open to the public.  You do not have to be a member of IRRC to run one of our events, although we would love to have you as a member and we encourage you to join.  Information on joining IRRC can be found elsewhere on this web site or by clicking on



      For a listing of races conducted by IRRC, use the drop-down menu above or click on RACES CONDUCTED BY IRRC. Applications for IRRC races can also be found above or by clicking on IRRC RACE APPLICATIONS.


      In addition to races conducted by IRRC, there are many other races held in our area.  Some are races conducted by club members for other organizations, others are conducted by people not directlty associated with the club.  As a courtesy to local race directors, IRRC has created a local race schedule page and we encourage race directors in the local and regional area to send information to be posted on that page.  The local race scheule can be found on a drop-down menu above or by clicking on

LOCAL RACE SCHEDULE.  There is no charge for posting your race listing on our page.

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